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no but can all Faberry/St. Berry/Puckleberry/Brochel/Etc. shippers just unite under one big ship entitled “dear god ANYONE but Finn”


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marry-me-naya said: Oh how ive missed you

Sup. ;)

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Anonymous said: I never see finchel shippers on my dash, but holy shit. Seeing you getting hate from those idiots is hilarious.

Happy to entertain. ;)

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I really love this blog. I stopped watching Glee after the second season because I couldn’t stand to see the writers destroying some of the characters’ morals, dreams, and personalities anymore. I do particularly hate Rachel and Finn together because he treats her so badly. I’m a social worker and if those two came in to talk to me together or separately, I would be highly concerned about emotional abuse, a controlling relationship, and perhaps even physical abuse if Finn’s propensity to kick chairs when he’s upset continues and escalates. I was actually sick to my stomach when I heard about the proposal so, again, thank you for this blog.

For those who don’t like this blog, don’t seek it out and/or read it. Just block the posts and go on with your life. It’s that simple.

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Anonymous said: Fuck you FINCHEL IS FOREVER

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Anonymous said: I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! :D We missed you!

I’m glad too! I’m back. I’ve got to finish out the season, don’t I? ;)

Oh, and I couldn’t decide which gif to use, so have both. :D

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Finn ‘the hero’ Hudson.

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Anonymous said: Can I submit a "Why Rachel Shouldn't Be with Finn" post idea here?


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tablemoth-deactivated20140524 said: Every single post I agree with. Like honestly.. insert artiepreachgif here..

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Anonymous said: If you really think that you are not a fan of Rachel... more like a fan of your fantasy of her but not a fan of Rachel.

If I think what, that I like the Rachel who sang on a Broadway stage and realized that being on Broadway was the most important thing to her? Liking Rachel when she was doing the one thing she’s wanted to do her entire life, something that made her so happy means I’m not a fan of Rachel? Would I be a better fan of Rachel if I liked that she’s blinded by what her boyfriend declares as his life-long career plans for the week?

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Anonymous said: What I want to know is where the Rachel who sang on the stage of the Gershwin Theater with Kurt is. She SAID that performing is her true love. She said and I quote: " Thank you Kurt,I see it now. I don't have to choose between my career and love, because This, I mean, this stage, Broadway, New York. That's my True Love." I kinda liked that Rachel.

Me too, anon. Me too.

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